Chamber Practice is a platform that provides the gamut of legal professional services accentuating on strategic planning and legal advice in the areas of corporate and commercial; oil & gas; mining; energy; infrastructure projects; banking & finance; capital markets; intellectual property rights; information technology; media & entertainment; taxation; mergers and acquisitions; foreign direct investments in india and international and domestic arbitration in these areas. Our service also includes drafting documents, pleadings, notices, replies, filing of trade mark, copyright, patent applications, negotiating, liasoning with authorities such as Reserve Bank of India, Registrar of Companies, MMD, Trade Mark Registry and other authorities etc by a team of qualified Indian advocates, solicitors, counsels, chartered accountants, management professionals & law firms to provide service to foreign and local clients including foreign law firms. Chamber Practice is a platform of Indian Law Firms and qualified Advocates, Solicitors & Counsels who are affiliated with the bar for not less than five years including chartered accountants and management professionals practising for not less than three years. All strategic planning for legal advice, drafting of documents, opinions etc are provided through the platform Chamber Practice by their qualified team of advocates, solicitors, counsels, chartered accountants, management professionals or law firms.
Presently the team consist of qualified lawyers having work experience on varied subjects and who have been or are presently associated with reputed law firms like Brus Chambers; Khaitan & Co; Dua & Associates; Little & Co; Mulla & Mulla, Craigie, Blunt & Caroe; Crawford Bayley & Co; Rajani Associates; Desai & Diwanji; Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas; AZB & Partners; Pravin Mehta and Mithi & Co; Hariani & Co; Singhania & Co; Singhania & Partners; P.H. Parekh & Co; Bhatt & Saldanha; Jawahar Thakkar, Titus & Co, J Sagar & Co etc...including advocates & counsels of Indian High Courts, chartered accountants and management professionals.
Legal Eagles the existing consortium of advocates, solicitors, counsels & law firms has merged with Chamber Practice .The merger has taken place in mid-December 2000 with the entire team of Legal Eagles being retained by Chamber Practice.
These qualified lawyers / firms, chartered accountants & management professionals are the members (on retainer basis) of the platform and they share retainer fees. Reserves are also provided for future provisions and development of the platform. Provisions for overheads and other expenses are made. Members attending to the file/matter are entitled to additional percentage from the Profit Cost as retainer fees. Provision is also made for the co-ordinators.
The Purpose of the platform is to provide quality non-contentious legal service mainly  in the areas of corporate, commercial, business and trade laws; contract conditions; infrastructure; oil and gas; power projects; mining; telecommunication; banking; finance; capital markets; property and real estate; foreign investments and regulations; maritime and shipping; intellectual property; indirect and direct taxation; entertainment and media; aviation; construction; government contracts; insurance; international law; international trade; internet law; merger and acquisition; securities; transportation; trusts; will and probate; joint ventures, partnership; ports,  strategy planning, etc. including pleadings,drafting of notices,replies et al through a panel of counsels or advocates . Selected Arbitration matters are also accepted and attended to by Chamber Practice. The platform is formed to give efficient and effective service thereby giving value for money to clients and to utilise the intelligence and expertise of reputed advocates, solicitors, counsels, chartered accountants, management professionals or firms or in combination.
All contentious / litigation, including certain arbitration matters are assigned or transferred to the law firms or advocates/solicitors filing vakalatnama in the court and having experience and knowledge of the subject matter. This is to enable the attorney's to file their vakalatnama and to avoid conflict of interest. No charges will be levied by us for assigning / transferring the matter. The Professional Charges of such member advocates, solicitors, law firm depends on their policy, which varies from US Dollar 99 - 500 per hour per lawyer + Disbursements on actual, while in some cases charges are on lumpsum depending on their policy.

Strategy Planning, Advising and drafting for litigation is also done by our panel of counsels, advocates, solicitors, law firms for US Dollar 99 - 150 per hour + Disbursements on actual.

If client desire that we initiate with strategy planning, sending notices, replies, co-ordinate with the law firm or the advocate on record for the litigation and monitor and report to clients the same is also undertaken at a reasonable fee of US Dollar 50 - 65 per hour + Disbursements on actual.

Certain International and Domestic Commercial Arbitration matters are attended by us. The Professional Charges for arbitration matters are US Dollar 95 - 150 per hour + Disbursements on actual, depending on the complexity of the matter.
All non-contentious matters for advises, drafting, negotiating et al are attended by us.
The Professional Charges are:
*US Dollar 50 -65 per hour + Disbursements on actual ( Litigation strategy planning, sending notices, replies, co-ordinating with advocates on record, monitoring the matter and reporting )
*US Dollar 95 - 150 per hour + Disbursements on actual ( Arbitration matters )
*US Dollar 95 - 210 per hour + Disbursements on actual ( for all other non-contentious matters such as drafting or vetting of documentations, strategy planning, opinions, advising, et al depending on the complexity of the matter )
*Certain matters are charged on lumpsum which depends on the complexity of the matter and should be discussed before assigning the work to Chamber Practice.
All works are commenced strictly on receiving advance payment as may be agreed upon.
The initial advice or work done for fifteen minutes in the matter will not be charged and the same will be adjusted in the final timesheet and the Memo of Fees.
The mode of payments are to be made as instructed by Chamber Practice which will be either by irrevocable Telegraphic Transfer to Bank Account or by Bankers Cheque or as may be agreed upon.
Clients will be provided with an updated timesheet for the work done and time consumed for the given work. The timesheet will be provided from time to time either weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bimonthly, quaterly or annually depending on the client's wishes and the matter, until the work is concluded.
[ Advice, Drafting or Vetting of documents, pleadings, notices & Negotiating etc ]
  • Corporate & Commercial
  • Business & Trade 
  • Contract conditions
  • International Arbitration
  • Domestic Arbitration
  • Oil & Gas
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Mining Projects
  • Power Projects
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Information Technology
  • Maritime & Shipping
  • Banking & Finance
  • Capital Markets
  • Foreign Investments
  • Corporate Finance
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Aviation
  • Construction
  • Government contracts
  • International law
  • International trade
  • Internet law
  • Mergers and Acquisition
  • Securities
  • Transportation
  • Trusts
  • Will and Probate
  • Joint ventures
  • Ports
  • Strategy planning
  • Company Formation
  • Insolvency
  • Intellectual Property
  • Environmental
  • Insurance
  • Partnership
  • Privatisation
  • Real Estate & Property
  • Taxation
  • Telecommuniactions


Apply now to become an Chamber Practice legal expert. We are building the network of intellectual capital in the history of legal experts. High - caliber Indian advocates, solicitors, counsels, chartered accountants, management professionals & law firms are invited to apply. Once accepted, you can turn your knowledge into retainer fees by being on our priority panel list and attending to the matter assigned by Chamber Practice.

How does it work ?
Chamber Practice Legal Experts are a rare breed - the best of the best in the field of legal, accountancy and management. When you apply our panel will review your credentials, work history and relevant skills to see if you qualify. If you do, you will receive a confirmation mail within 60 days of your application and you'll be in our priority panel list for work as retainer. Your membership of our priority panel list will be valid for one year from the time of acceptance. All applicants will have to renew their retainer/membership on expiry.

Accepting retainership is permissible for professionals under their respective professional ethics without violating any law.

Applications are invited from advocates, solicitors, counsels, chartered accountants, management professionals & law firms having access to telephone, fax, internet account, email willing to deliver prompt service to Chamber Practice. He/She (/partners of law firm) should have excellent overall acadamic background and should be enrolled with the bar and practising for atleast five years as an advocate while chartered accountants and management professionals should have experience atleast for three years. To become a Chamber Practice legal expert, please email us your name, address, telephone number, fax number, email id, your sanad/COP number & date, your qualifications, additional degrees, work experience and your areas of specialisation. The names of retainer member will be kept confidential and the same will not be displayed unless so requested by client, but if you wish that your name should kept completely confidential and not to be disclosed under any circumstances the same will not be disclosed at all while you are associated with Chamber Practice and thereafter.
  • Only the most qualified applicants will be accepted, so please take time to list your skills, credentials and work experience in detail.
  • This application takes about 60 days to complete.
  • Chamber Practice will review your qualifications in detail and email you a decision within a 60 days of your application.

The member / retainer may operate from their own environment. Applications (giving complete profile along with their areas of specialisation) should be forwarded by email ( info@chamberpractice.com ).Telephone or personal calls are not entertained for the purpose of membership

Litigation matters are recommended to advocate on record/ law firms filing vakalatnama in court and having knowledge and experience of the pertinent subject matter to our retainer-member but if none of them have the relevant experience then only the matter will be recommended to other non-member law firms having relevant experience in the subject matter. For such recommendation to law firm/ advocate on record for litigation matters Chamber Practice does not charge the client neither any referral charges are levied on the law firm/ advocate on record.


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