Apply now to become a Chamber Practice legal expert. We are building the network of intellectual capital in the history of legal experts. High - caliber Indian advocates, solicitors, counsels, chartered accountants, management professionals & law firms are invited to apply. Once accepted, you can turn your knowledge and expertise into retainer fees by being on our priority panel list and attending to the matter assigned by Chamber Practice.

How does it work ?
Chamber Practice legal experts are a rare breed - the best of the best in the field of legal, accountancy and management. When you apply our panel will review your credentials, work history and relevant skills to see if you qualify. If you do, you will receive a confirmation mail within 60 days of your application and you'll be in our priority panel list for work as retainer. Your membership of our priority panel list will be valid for one year. Thereafter your membership/retainer will have to be renewed.

Accepting retainership is permissible for professionals under their respective professional ethics without violating any law.

Applications are invited from advocates, solicitors, counsels, chartered accountants, management professionals & law firms having access to telephone, fax, internet account, email willing to deliver prompt service to Chamber Practice. He/She (/partners of law firm) should have excellent overall acadamic background and should be enrolled with the bar and practising for atleast five years as an advocate while chartered accountants and management professionals should have experience atleast for three years. To become a Chamber Practice legal expert, please email us your name, address, telephone number, fax number, email id, your sanad/COP number & date, your qualifications, additional degrees, work experience and your areas of specialisation in priority order. The names of retainer member will be kept confidential and the same will not be displayed unless so requested by client, but if you wish that your name should kept completely confidential and not to be disclosed under any circumstances the same will not be disclosed at all while you are associated with Chamber Practice and thereafter.
  • Only the most qualified applicants will be accepted, so please take time to list your skills, credentials and work experience in detail.
  • This application takes about 60 days to complete.
  • Chamber Practice will review your qualifications in detail and email you a decision within a 60 days of your application.

The member / retainer may operate from their own environment. Applications (giving complete profile along with their areas of specialisation) should be forwarded by email ( ).Telephone or personal calls are not entertained for the purpose of membership

Litigation matters are recommended to advocate on record/ law firms filing vakalatnama in court and having knowledge and experience of the pertinent subject matter to our retainer-member but if none of them have the relevant experience then only the matter will be recommended to other non-member law firms having relevant experience in the subject matter. For such recommendation to law firm/ advocate on record for litigation matters Chamber Practice does not charge the client neither any referral charges are levied on the law firm/ advocate on record.

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